The Alethiometer Of Infinity
The alethiometer, closed.


A magical and mystical compass like tool which tells the direction, and tells the truth,. This object's capabilities can be accessed only if you are clairvoyant or precognative. This object belongs to the element quintessence, and belongs also to any guardians of this stage.

Powers & Abilities:

Clairvoyance - The alethiometer can be used to access and gain information, reveal the truth, and see visions by asking a question in your mind.

Psychic Navigation - The compass also can tell directions, or where an object may be.

Elemental Connections:


The alethiometer of infinity, also known as Symbol Reader or Clairvoyant Compass is a type of compass used to gain information, and see the truth by clairvoyant means. The word comes from the Greek alētheia (ἀλήθεια) for "truth" and meter for "measure", so alethiometer literally means "truth measurer". The alethiometer has a kingdom or city like logo on the taplet when it is opened. on the front, when it's closed, it has symbols of letters and numbers, and a direction symbol on top. The compass can alternate colours, it can change from golden, to silver.


The alethiometer is a silver or golden appearenced iron like compass which contains the total of fifty or more symbols inside the compass, The user can use the compass if they possess Clairvoyant genes. The compass works by turning the dial to three symbols that are relevent to your question, for example. "Am i going to win the lotto tonight?", i would use this question by turning the dial to the wild man symbol, meaning wild in money, or wild rich, turn the other hands then to the tree for growth in money, or growth, as in loads of money, and the bee, for productivity, then you use clairvoyance to see visions within your mind.

To use the alethiometer, the user directs three needles to lie over certain symbols on the face of device, and forms a question in his or her mind. The fourth needle then responds to the question, swinging over different symbols to form answers. Any given symbol may have numerous meanings.There are thirty-six symbols altogether on the alethiometer.The user needs a special form of focus to make the alethiometer work. When the user has the three needles set and the question in mind, the fourth hand will begin to move, going through a sequence of movements over each symbol related to the answer, sometimes quivering to indicate the meaning. The fourth arrow will continue to spin around and repeat the sequence until the user breaks focus, whereupon the reader is to use. The alethiometer can be used to predict the future events, see or tell about past events, or give you any information really.

Symbols Of The Compass:Edit

here are some of the main symbols on the alethiometer, these symbols have been given meaning in the captions. [1]Hourglass, Time, Death, change...[2]Sun, Day, Authority, truth...[3]Alpha and Omega, Language, Process, words...[4]Marionette, Obedience, Submission, grace...[5]Serpent, Evil, Guile, natural wisdom...[6]Cauldron (crucible), Alchemy, Craft, achieved wisdom...[7]Anchor, Hope, Steadfastness, prevention...[8]Angel, Messenger, Hierarchy, disobedience...[9]Helmet, War, Protection, narrow vision...[10]Beehive, Productive work, Sweetness, light...[11]Moon, Chastity, Mystery, the uncanny...[12]Madonna, Motherhood, The feminine, worship...[13]Apple, Sin, Knowledge, vanity...[14]Bird, The soul (the dæmon), Spring, marriage...[15]Bread, Nourishment, Christ, sacrifice...[16]Ant, Mechanical work, Diligence, tedium...[17]Cattle or Bull, Earth, Power, honesty...[18]Candle, Meaning, Understanding, learning...[19]Cornucopia, Wealth, Autumn, hospitality...[20]Chameleon, Air, Greed, patience...[21]Thunderbolt, Inspiration, Fate, anger...[22]Dolphin, Water, Resurrection, playfulness...[23]Walled Garden, Nature, Innocence, order...[24]Globe, Politics, Sovereignty, fame...[25]Sword, Justice, Fortitude, the Church...[26]Griffin, Treasure, Watchfulness, courage...[27]Horse, Europe, Journeys, fidelity...[28]Camel, Asia, Summer, perseverance...[29]Elephant, Africa, Charity, continence...[30]Crocodile (caiman), America, Rapacity, enterprise...[31]Baby, The future, Malleability, helplessness...[32]Compass, Measurement, Mathematics, science...[33]Lute, Poetry, Rhetoric, philosophy...[34]Tree, Firmness, Shelter, fertility...[35]Wild man, Wild man, The Masculine, lust...[36]Meaning night, soul, or vision.

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