The world of aquis.


Aquis is the 1st plexus realm located in the heart of solomon. this is the world of water, where everything is underwater but there are a couple of beaches and rock slides,it has a beautiful system which purifies the water and keeps everything cool. the energy in this realm is based around hydrokinesis.

Creatures & Habitat

Aquis's creatures are mainly the undine and Chonisa Brachyura. the undines have powerful Telepathy Abilities as they can communicate and hear thoughts of other creatures through their own minds. they also possess the power to move and manipulate water which gets their systems working. the Chronisa Brachyura have the power to create and mould poison at will, aswell as being able to swim and breath underwater like Undine.

Elemental Connections:


Undine woman

Undine Guardian In Full Form


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Among the eternal autumn sunset, deep beneath an endless, poisonous ocean lies the sub-aquatic realm of Aquis. The deadly waters are home to vast sea monsters, but the occupants of this realm, the Undine have worked miracles in order to survive by building their own safe-havens where they can live their lives free from the leviathans and polluted waters of the deep. The occupants of this realm are the Undine, who have powerful hydrokinetic and telepathic abilities and only prosper because of the complex water purification machines they rely on. This humanoid race is perfectly adapted to life underwater with efficient gills and fins that power them through the shadowy depths. The world of aquis is located as the 1st plexus world realm.

The Aquis Symbol


Aquis Portrait.

Creatures Found in AquisEdit

Although emphasis is on the Undine, there are a great array of other animals in the realm.
Undine: A telepathtic marine race resembling a mermaid, they govern the waters of the lagoon and are the sentient species.
Fish: Found in all purified waters of the lagoon and of many varieties.
Anemones: These tentacle like things are found in pods covering narrow walls and entranceways around Aquis. Their ability to zap your energy comes from the various barbs over their length, which extends out of the pods as they sense Undine swimming nearby.
Mystery Eggs: Found throughout the tunnel system, it's not specified what's inside the eggs, but considering they're around one of the purification sub-stations could mean they are actually Undine young. Of course if hatched in unpurified waters, could likely result in them becoming naturally tainted.
Glakk/Chonisa Brachyura: These are the crabs found on Aquis. Found mainly on dry land, though a few larger crabs are found in water. Come in two castes relating to size - small and large.
Giant Skeleton: A giant skeleton lies in one of the tunnels which leads to the conveniently named: Skeleton Sub-station. Due to it being submerged it is hard to tell what it would look like with muscle and flesh, however it's head looks similar to that of a Tylosaurus Proriger. This monster could be a "Leviathan" Aino spoke of, however she also commented that Leviathans were a type of Undine God.
Aquis 2

Aquis Cage

Notable UndineEdit

  • Queen Aino, Queen of Aquis
  • Adaro, King of Aquis
  • Auturo, Substation engineer.