Dagger Of Agnos
Dagger Of Agnos, Cutting through an object.


The dagger of agnos (greek for unknown), is a magical dagger which can cut,kill, and slice anyone or anything, the dagger can break and cut anything at all, and kill anyone or any being,. The dagger can also cut through the fabric of space.

Powers & Abilities:

Cutting - The dagger can cut through anything and break or destroy any chemical, element or object.

Killing - The knife can kill anyone and anything.

Splicing - The dagger can cut through space material.

Elemental Connections:

Quintessence, Magic

The Dagger Of Agnos ( From the Greek Άγνωστος for 'Unknown',Mystery', Or 'Mystical') Is a magical dagger which has mysterious effects, mainly heard on the dagger being able to kill anything., You must require having elemental connections or quinetkinesis in order to use this item.

Powers & Abilities:Edit

Death Inducement: The dagger has the ability to kill anything and anyone when used to stab the victim.

Ocyro Inducement: The dagger has the ability to cut through or destroy anything, even iron or solid rock.

Fasma Inducement: The dagger has the ability to strike through the fabric of space, which creates a powerful swife light, this ability seems to have a useless meaning of making portals or veils, but creates a blast to when used.

Athames In GeneralEdit

An Athame or Athamé is a ceremonial dagger, with a double-edged blade and it often has a black handle - it is one of several magical tools used in neopagan religions and various Witchcraft traditions. It is variously pronounced /ˈæθəmeɪ/ or /əˈθeɪmiː/. A black-handled knife called an arthame appears in certain versions of the Key of Solomon, a grimoire originating in the Middle Ages.[1]

The athame is mentioned in the writings of Gerald Gardner in the 1950s, who claimed to have been initiated into a surviving tradition of Witchcraft, the New Forest Coven. The athame was their most important ritual tool, with many uses, but was not to be used for actual physical cutting.

In mythology many people, such as the egyptians, pirates, fairies, and other cultures believed that athame's could contain powerful magical properties, Which contain strange names.

There has been speculation[3] that Gardner's interest and expertise in antique swords and knives, and in particular the magical kris knives of Malaysia and Indonesia, may have contributed to the tool's central importance in modern Wicca.[4]


The dagger of agnos has been recorded to have been used a few times throughout history,. Only a few, because not many people in olden days possessed such powerful elemental connections, or possessed Quintessent Genes., The dagger can cut, kill, and glow, as it can be used to kill any beast or being, animal, or mutant, man, or monster. The dagger can destroy and sweild any object or material, such as iron, silver, gold, wood, plastic, etc into millions of bits. it can smash rocks, harm mountains, destroy forests, and can even break through flame itself.

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