Book Of Apeiro


A magical quintessence useful book which contains many magical contents, such as being able to draw and show imagery of event's by itself, guiding you, or giving you energies from different taplets.

Powers & Abilities:

Clairvoyance - The book can reveal and draw imagery by itself.

Telemetry - The book can guide you out of danger or loss.

Zapping - The book is highly enchanted.

Elemental Connections:


The Book Apeiro (Greek for Infinity) Is a magical mystical book, which belongs to the guardian of quintessence.


The book of apeiro, is the book of magical ways, This book can draw pictures and imagery with colour by itself, which reveals things as they are, or can show you visions of the past, future, or present to be,. This book is an enchanted book of magic, as it can show you ways to use powers, help you or assist you if you are lost, it can also be used to obtain quintessent highlights. This book can be summoned by Lucidological Means.

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