Chonisa Brachyura
The glekk demon.


The glekk monster is a demonic overgrown crab that has the power to create and field or mould poison at will,. it has imensly giant claws or fins that it uses to smash and chop objects or enemies. it hunts and eats undine from time to time but usually feeds on anemonies.

Powers & Abilities:

Nosokinesis - Can spit and shape poison that can kill enemies and blow or stick objects, cause infections and other things.

Enhanced Claws/Fins - uses its big claws and fins to smash and chop objects or enemies.

Psammokinesis - can wave sand in areas.

Elemental Connection:



A hydrokinetic charge or electrokinetic charge to the head.

Chonisa Brachyura/Glekk is a giant crab monster that hunts in the water but stays on land. in another term: Leviathan's identification as a single named monster facilitated his survival through subsequent ages right up to the present. By the Hellenistic age he (or she - Leviathan was now represented as female) became a dragon who lives over the Sources of the Deep and who, along with the male land-dragon Behemoth, will be served up to the righteous at the end of time. A little later, when the Jewish midrash (explanations of the bible) were being composed, it was held that God originally produced a male and a female leviathan, but lest in multiplying the species should destroy the world, he slew the female, reserving her flesh for the banquet that will be given to the righteous on the advent of the Messiah (B. B. 74b). Rashi's commentary on Genesis 1:21 repeats the tradition: "God created the great sea monsters - taninim. According to legend this refers to the Leviathan and its mate. God created a male and female Leviathan, then killed the female and salted it for the righteous, for if the Leviathans were to procreate the world could not stand before them." [citation needed] In the Talmud Baba Bathra 74b it is told that the Leviathan will be slain and its flesh served as a feast to the righteous in [the] Time to Come, and its skin used to cover the tent where the banquet will take place. The festival of Sukkot (Festival of Booths) therefore concludes with a prayer recited upon leaving the sukkah (booth): "May it be your will, Lord our God and God of our forefathers, that just as I have fulfilled and dwelt in this sukkah, so may I merit in the coming year to dwell in the sukkah of the skin of Leviathan. Next year in Jerusalem." [citation needed]
Glekk sketch

Glekk baby