Destrix Orbs
Destrix Orb


An orb of mental light, from the destrix plane that commands as a virus for magical beings, causing them to delute in magic beleif, can be blocked by Psychic Resistance

Powers & Abilities:

Psychic Resognaunce: Can cause the victim to delute belief in certain knowledge

Mental Blasts: Can emit headaches or mental pains

Light Emission: Emits light

Elemental Connection:


Destrix Orbs, Blue Orbs are orbs sent from pure evil to tamper with some ones mind through telepathy e.c.t It would make some one stop believing certain things and the only way to kill them is by using your energy and destroying them the orbs are located near your brain as they are trying to change parts of it. any one can be hit by the orbs as demons are trying to do something which can alter your way in thinking completely. the orbs are located from Destrixs plane where they summon the orbs and send them to there victims.

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