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Djin are very dangerous nasty like demons with no innocense or humanity inside them,. the djin will surely kill anyone they see that is not their breed on sight with their powerful tectrokinesis powers as they feed off of any energies or guardian blood.

Powers & Abilities:

Tectrokinesis - Can create and manipulate volcanic energies and volcanic substances

Fire Marksmanship: Can emit a firey volcanic beam of energy from their eyes or mouth.

Pyro Adaption - can adapt to heat

Healing - Can heal in a matter of minutes

Hibernation - can stay dormant until awakan by something

Bird Leaping - can leap far distances

Geothermal Energy Combustion - can explode volcanic and fire sources

Elemental Connection:

Fire Earth


Water Ice Light Emissions

The djinn are a race of powerful fire hawk demons, that live and refuge in volcanoes, volcanic temples or tombs, volcanic houses and other molten lava places, the demons of the djinn originally origin in the Volca realm, as in volca nothing but lava,volcanoes and temples of fire and doom. The djinn are very monstrous evil demons with powerful tectrokinetic powers. Djinn do not like coldness, specificly ice or water, and love heat or fire.The Djinn are quite possibly the strangest of magical creatures. Their bodies are formed from a living metal and their physiognomy is linked directly to the rhythyms of the volcano; when it is dormant they are at their weakest, and as it builds towards the violent eruption this is where the Djinn feel at their most enpowered. The djinn are also known as Volcano bird people" 'or the lost people. Djinn mainly feed off of their own volcanic thermo energy and molten energies, but they love the taste of guardian blood because it increases their abilities.

Powers & Abilities:Edit

  • Geothermal Manipulation: Can create and manipulate geothermal energies and volcan substances and use it to explode,blast, set on fire or heat objects.
  • Geothermal Marksmanship: Can emit shapes of geothermal fire power from their eyes and mouth by absorbing fire source around them.
  • Regeneration: Can heal in a matter of minutes.
  • Bird Abilities: Can leap,jump, and almost glide like a bird.
  • Pyro Resistance: Can resist and not feel hurt from fire or flamable heats.
  • Energy Shielding: Can combine thermal energies with their jewlery to create domes of protective barrier.
  • Electrical Redirection/Absorbtion: Can absorb energies of electricity or fire into their jewlery and amulets.
  • Pyromancy: Can gaze into the visional energy with fire.


Bird people is also the translation of Absaroka, the name of the Crow Nation in their own language.In mythology and fiction (usually fantasy and science fiction) bird people are a race of people who resemble, or who are evolved from, birds. This is a common motif in movies, TV, and video games. Sometimes, the bird people are a "lost race".


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