A dotogon preparing to zap something.


Dotogons are evil magical aliens with powerful kinetic effective abilities which they use on any target or threat they see in their area, they possess scanning capabilities and can heal, these creatures are a threat.

Powers & Abilities:

Marksmanship - Can create a zapping laser from their eyes which sets fires and blasts objects. Cetanpathy - can scan and quickly know machinery problems.

Regeneration - can heal their cells.

Arc Weapons - sharp weapondry made of steel.

Elemental Connection:

Psychic Fire


A Cryokinesis Blast or a Telekinesis Bio Blast.

Dotogons,Doto sapiens are evil magical beings that lurk around old mines,shacks,houses, and old facilities like hospitals or computer factories, they have the power to create a discharging zap laser made of fire energy that when hits a target,blasts or explodes it. if they see you, they will permanently kill you, they have the ability to sense others somethings, and have quite a cyberpathic mind. The Dotogon' limb extremities (hands and lower legs) have been removed and replaced with bolted-on metallic augmentations which offer reduced agility. The reasoning behind this is unknown, but would be useful in dehumanizing them further, and would cause pain with every movement. Unable to talk, they will simply roar and make groans, if a telepath is in order the telepath can read the mind for vochalcords and project it as sound. mostly because their vocal cords have been removed (as is suggested by the augmented hole in their throats). Stalkers usually stay in dark places due to their sensativity to light, a stalker can be severely injured by being hit with an Ice-Blast or a Bio-Blast

Powers & Abilities:Edit

  • Marksmanship: Can project a powerful rapid heating lazer from his eyes or mouth.
  • Sensing: Can obtain strange shivers which indicates that someone is in their area.
  • Cyberpathic Mind: Has a ulite powerful digital mind for progressment and scanment.
  • Shifting: Can dodge atleast a thousand bullets only for a minute, then the dotogon must recharge from units.
  • Unit Absorbtion A dotogon needs to feed off of electrical units by any technological machine.
  • Regeneration: Can heal themselves when hurt but takes some time.
  • Unit Depletion Can deplete and destroy electrical units.


Believe it or not, stalkers/dotogons were actually use to be people, but due to their seveor loss in their war on their own home planet, a demon of spirit turned them all into dotogons equipped with their own bio-powers and released them onto earth to strauge their until they find the perfect vessell.