Electrokinetic Ball

Ability to:

Create, Shape, and manipulate electrons.

Possessed by:



Elemental Connection:


Electrokinesis,Electron Manipulation, Electricity Control, Mana Conversion Is the ability to generate, project, control, create, shape and manipulate electrons or bio energy.


The main elemental kinesis for the element Quintessence . this is the ability to create and manipulate electricity, lightning, and even Bio-Energy with your mind, This can be used to project a powerful bioenergy blast to attack foes or blast objects, electricute objects and set objects on fire. one with this can generate and control electricity, project lightning storms, create electrical blasts, manipulate electronics, and do all sorts of things, the electrokinetic has the ability to manipulate magnetism too. they can convert electricity into cosmic fire or any type of energy with its variety of effects. you can absorb electrons, create and project magnetic electro fields, create lightning arcs, manipulate electricity and electro units, and generate enough power to create force fields etc.., one could manipulate magnetic fields and cause ease in power units too.


The user may emit and control electrons at will by command, can create and deplete electrons in electronics, control techno-energy and create or shape bolts of arc lightning. The psion can wield vast ammounts of charged bolts voltages to increase the maximum power on other peoples abilities, as well as cause Electrical Storms and absorb energy into compounds as health or vitimins, the electrons can create either an electricuting effect or a blasting effect which causes the opponent/object to electricute or blast away.This ability may be used to start or move fires.


  • Electro Bolt: a bolt of electric power
  • Electro arc: creating electric arcs from your body
  • Electro Blast: a blast of concussive electrons to repel enemies or objects.
  • Electro Conduct: conduct electricity from one area to another
  • Electro Absorbing: absorbing electricity from electrons to acute a powerfuler electro
  • Electro storm: a storm of electricity
  • Electro fury: a massive concune blast of electricity
  • Electrokinesis: create,project,shape, and manipulate electricity
  • Electro-weapondry: Shape and wield electrical weapondry of colour.


using electrokinesis people have the ability to shape and create an electrical weapon, it can be any weapon . a dagger, a whip , or an electrical armour

Additional Electro Powers:Edit


Electrokinetics can tap and channel into the cosmic energy system allowing them to use the cosmic powers, shaping and shooting cosmic bolts, creating destructive bombs, etc.


Electrokinetics can manipulate lightning too, so they can set objects on fire by shooting a lightning bolt from themselves to start a fire.


by using vortessence and electricity combined can create such a powerful blow of powered charge energy attacks.

Electric Force Field Generation:Edit

electrokinetics can shape electricity so they can shape it to form shields and force fields.

Electrical Detection:Edit

electros can detect electrons neer by.