Enhanced Sexual Attraction
Poison Ivy Possesses this ability

ability to:

Emit pheromones unwillingly

Possessed by:




Elemental Connection


Also known as ESA, is part of a mental ability, mainly unknown, is the ability to massively increase your own attractiveness to others.


The user can emit pheremones, against their will (cant control it) causing anyone that is homosexual or heterosexual, to fall inlove with the person that contains this ability, This power enables its user to make themselves almost, if not completely, irresistible to others so that they have no choice but to fall instantly in love with them. It is often done through manipulations of the Pheromones in the air in order to stimulate the internal drives of the target, and can in cases be targeted to specifically affect them. Other users of the power find it necessary to touch the target in order to alter the hormones in the body, but to the same effect. Others do not require either and can do it through a passive technique similar to hypnotism where in any possible target who sees the user (even if reflected or in a photograph) will instantly fall for them.

Is an empathic ability.