Faunal Mimicry
Catwoman (Dc) Possesses this ability and uses it to mimic cat abilities

Ability to:

Mimic the abilities of animals

Possessed by:

any telekinesis user


Elemental Connections:

Psychic, Earth

The power to mimic the abilities, traits, and behavior of animals. Also known as Animal Mimicry. Not to be confused with Animal Shapeshifting.


The user can imitate animal powers. Can run like an ostrich, swing like a monkey, run like a cheetah, move like a cat, take the stength of an ant, track like a dog, hide like a turtle, etc.

High level can copy advanced animal powers (like squeeze like an octopus).

Does not transform into animals, this power enables the user to mimic animals while in their original form.

Is achieved by telekinesis and Adoptive Muscle MemoryEdit

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