Vicosity Manipulation
Piers (Golden Sun) Turns water below him into jelly

Ability to:

Manipulate and control thickness,volume and vicosity

Elemental Connections:

Water Earth

Possessed by:


Gelidkinesis Is the ability to mentally create and control vicosity which allows the user to turn waters into jelly. Also known as Substanciakinesis or Vicosity Manipulation


The ability to psychically manipulate the volume and thickness of liquids. One with this ability could thicken water to allow floatation. This ability could also be used to thicken liquids into a thick glue to prevent escape or to thin the blood of foes. This ability can prevent liquids from dripping out of containers at a normal rate by turning them extremely thick, or trap foes underwater conditions to be rendered in suspended animation. This is also used to transform moistures and substances not only into jelly but also turn them into indestructable diamond crystal which is unbreakable. If this ability is fully advanced it grants the user with the power to manipulate molecular vicosity, granting turning objects or solids into soft jelly like states, or jellafy foes.


Water Vicostic Manipulation

Molecular Vicostic Manipulation

  • Turning objects and solids into jelly like states or crystalization.

Substance Viscostic Manipulation

  • Turning substances and other chemicals into jelly or crystal.

Vicosity Manipulation

  • The power to shape and control jelly maybe even generate it.

Organic Vicostic Manipulation

  • Turning trees,plants and other organic forms into jelly like states or crystalization.

Turning water into jelly

Gelid powers

Turning water into jelly