Mineral Manipulation

Ability to:

Manipulate, Shape and control earthen substances with your mind

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Geokinesis is the metaphysical ability to control,shape and manipulate earthen substances with your mind, Also known as Terrakinesis,Geomancy, Terramancy or mineral manipulation.


Geokinesis or Terrakinesis is the ability to mentally manipulate earth. With this ability, one could hurl rock, dirt or minerals at foes with only the power of their minds, create fissures, sinkholes, mudslides or form said rock, mud and soil into constructs, like walls or projectiles. One could even absorb any rock debris or necessary minerals out of desired subjects to use them for oneself. One could create constructs and regenerate old ruin parts of different land. like if a building was knocked down you could rebuild it.The user mentally can levit [1][2]Terra (Teen Titans) displays her powers of earth.ate, grind, or slice earthen minerals such as granite, soil, sand, and rocks. Can grind rocks into spears, direct razing sandstorms, generate earthquakes, rock slides, grow/control plants, fissures, and sinkholes, and modify topography.

One can summon earthen energy to erupt from the ground. Metals that come from the Earth, like iron, can be manipulated, as long as you are touching it.



  • The power to control sand.

Crystallokinesis (Gem/Mineral/Precious Stone/Crystal Manipulation)

  • The power to mentally manipulate, control and generate gems, minerals and crystals from geological resources. Users may grow and harvest crystals by manipulating the minerals in their own bodily systems and those of others. This can be used to change the size of present minerals, change molecular composition of minerals (changing one type into another), and take minerals out of any place containing them (i.e. organic entities).

Magnetokinesis (Metal Manipulation)

  • The power to mentally control and warp metals. Users may induce the raising or lowering of density on metals. Users may mentally manipulate metals by moving around, reforming, deforming or reshaping metals into any shape desired. Users may envelop in said material (.i.e. to form an armor for the user), change one metal into many variants, fuse metals, make them more/less resistant to rust or the like.