The trogon, awake and hungry.


A monstrous, child devouring, carnivoric creature of legend, he sits in his chair, motionless, until his victims take one little peck from his not to resisting foods, he will eat you whole.

Powers & Abilities:

Psychic Navigation - Detects victims.

Television - Uses his palm eyes to see.

Telemetry - Has amaizing accuracy

Empathy/Tripathy - Can emit fear.

Sonokinesis - Can fire shouts of powerful noise.

Elemental Connections:


Trogon Moro, (τρώγων μωρό) Greek for 'baby eater' is an un-holy, monstrous demon. A e creature with a penchant for eating children, the trogon lives in another realm, in a very mysterious place, he is not an obvrious outdoor demon. (Like the slender man), He stays and keeps himself locked into a room, with a dinner table, filled with delicious goods and fruits, As a fire lights behind him in a fireplace. He is a carnivore, and he will eat any meat or flesh in his sight. His eyes are detatched and lie on a plate, infront of him. He sits at the end of the eand devour who ever ate the food,. It is his trap, he keeps food out for kids, mainly, to come along, and find him,. He travels to you throughout Nightmaers. He appears as a very boney, skinny, pale like man, which his eyes are on a small tray, infront of him in the kitchen like scenery, he can put his eyes into his palms, which he then uses to sniff out his pray,.

The trogon's lair

The Baby Devourer, is not human. It is an obscure creature. It has no eyes on its head, but instead it has removable eyes, that are placed in holes in its hands. It's a child-eater, but also eats faries and other small meaty things.

It has a high-pitched, evil, squealy sort of voice. It also appears to be very old, for when chasing it's victims, it cannot move very fast because he has a weak bone structure, It has long, dark finger nails and paley-pinky skin, which is very baggy on its arms.

Powers & Abilities:Edit

  • Psychic Navigation: The trogon can find his pray through his palms, psychically.
  • Sonic Screaming: The trogon can fire loud bursts of screams to smash glass.
  • Fear Emission: The trogon can emit powerful ammounts of fear, due to his appearence.
  • Telemetry: It can be very accurate when attacking.

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