Also known as Survival Instinct Or Mega Vision is the ability to possess an enhanced vision, which highlights points of interest, reveals the magical world, and gives you guidence.


This ability is divided into three factors:

Survival Mode:

In survival mode, you have the ability to highlight objects or points of interest that are linked to your survival in some way. Food, Water, Shelter, Ammo, Weapondry, Keys, Etc.

Detective Mode:

Detective mode allows you to see footprints, finger prints, scents or other trailings marked invisible. This also allows you to see through objects, find items, and reveals texts, translates texts, reveals hidden information, or shows you hints.

Insight Mode:

With insight mode, you possess the ability to highlight points of interest around the world that are linked to you in some way. A book, a key, a document, an item. Objects that are important will be highlighted, You can alter between Important points of interest, or Optional points of interest, Optional points of interest are points of interest that are related to you, But are not important. They are pinpoints that are not required or needed. For example, If you have a gun, and find a gun, that gun that you found will highlight because you do not need it. However if you do not have a gun, and are set on Important points of interest, then the gun will highlight. This mode has more features:

Important Concepts: Points of interest that are important or needed.

Optional Concepts: Points of interest that are not important, But are related to you in some way.

Enhanced Senses: Your senses become enhanced, Allowing you to gain awareness or focus.

Guidence: Your ability will reveal guidence, such as hints, psychic information, or a highlighted trail.

Highlight: Concepts become highlighted, giving you information on that concept and more.

Informative: Information will be gathered to you about concepts.

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