Koiser Similarity.


A Koiser is mostly the same to an advisor,they possess telekinetic and autopathic capabilities aswell as a poisonous hard tongue to devour and eat enemies.

Powers & Abilities:

Autopathy - can mentally detect energies or other sources of power.

Telekinesis - can manipulate and project force fields with movment.

Elasticy Tongue - has a powerful solid tongue.

Elemental Connection:


Advisors,Koisers,Molecular Destroyers are strange alienec type monster creatures with telekinetic and Autopathic capabilities. In terms of size, an Advisor is about as large as a rhinoceros. They are able to hover, can completely immobilize and levitate objects and living beings and they have the ability to remove organs and fluids from a body using their elongated tongue. Advisors are virtually featureless, with no visible eyes, ears, mouth, or limbs. This may be the explanation for the many mechanical augmentations they bear. They have no visible eyes, though they do possess an eye-like mechanical device attached to one side of their "head".Advisors, are extremely dangerous creatures as they have no facial features but have strong powers, they have a very strange tounge that they use to slice and dice, along with their powerful telekinetic crushing abilities.

Powers & Abilities:Edit

  • Telekinesis: Can mentally project force which is used to move objects, and levitate them.
  • Autopathy: Can mentally detect and pickup energy as a radar or beacon.
  • Elasticy Tongue: Can spit oose and has a very solid hard tongue used to cut and eat/slice.
  • Hovering/Accending: Has legs, and arms with claws but if its prepelers are disabled it uses its arms and legs to run vastly.
  • Telepathic Bolts: Can send telepathic bolts but cannot read or hear thoughts/minds.
  • Mental/Techno Projection: Can project itself onto technology surfaces.

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