malifore the dragon

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Weapondry Emission

Elemental Dimision


Dragon (Demonic)



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A blast of light to the core of his belly.

Malifore is a combined element of purple fire and a demon in mythology. he has the powers of a siren, he can manipulate and create sound, generate and control shadows, and create dark energized force fields. he comes from the world of talos. an island portal off the coast of england. this creature hates being disturbed because once disturbed his elemental powers are disturbed too. the malifore can use his power over sound to break mountains and cause earthquakes,shatter glass, and blast objects. he uses his dark feral powers to emit electrical bio lunar energies to objects causing stunment or shadowinventment.

Powers & Abilities:Edit

Malifore has the ability over shadowfire, a type of fire that stunns enemies and causes combustion and the effects of mind manipulation.

  • Stun Ball: creates a ball of shadowfire and throws it to stun opponents
  • Shadow Blast: a blast of shadow fire that can break objects
  • Shadow Bolt: a bolt of shadow
  • Flight: can fly at will
  • Tele-shadowpyrokinesis: can move shadows across the earth with his mind
  • Shadow Manipulation: can manipulate each and every shadow.
  • Cosmical Dark Manipulation: can manipulate darkness power
  • Tail Ability: can attack and crush using his tail
  • Pyro-baslitokinesis: can combust fire
  • Sonic Scream: can emit sonical screams that break objects and hurt minds and distort some things.
  • Sonic Boom: can create a sonic blast using his mouth that can wave cross objects.
  • Sonokinesis: can manipulate the element sound.
  • Bio-lunar manipulation: can project lunar blasts.
  • Weapondry Creation: can use his body as armour or weapons.