Mana Field Projection

Ability to:

Project an invisible shield made to deflect magic and evil entities

Possessed by:

Connor Clark - un-awakened

Elemental Connections:


Mana Field Projection, or commonly known as magick force field Is the ability to project a cloaking shield of mana around yourself which stops any spells that are casted upon the person with the shield


The user may project a magical barrier around the psion which causes any spells,powers or dark magic that is casted upon the person with the shield to backfire and hit against the person who casted the dark spell, the user can possibly field this into a magical barrier which allows the person. This ability may be used to project a powerful shield of spiritual energy which causes evil demons,ghosts, and other harmful creatures of that kind to repel whenever they try to go near you.

Main EffectEdit

Generates a force field made for magical use