Marksmanship eye blast

Ability to:

Emit and project powerful beams or waves of solar and fire power from your eyes or mouth.

Elemental Connections:


Possessed by:


Marksmanship is the ability to emit a powerful lazer made from solar and spatial power or fire power arcs from your eyes and mouth. this is done by absorbing chemical or photosynthesis solar sun power into your eyes,which directs itself into your body and as you are exposing yourself to sunlight the more it charges up, and sometimes if it overcharges it can explode as a ball of solar energy.


The psion can project a powerful concussive beam of red arc fire lazer from their eyes that can set objects on fire,explode some objects, or simply blast objects with imense power.

sometimes the psion can project the beam from his mouth as circles that look like sound wave shapes, called Marksmanship Screaming

Marksmanship Screaming