Magical Manipulation
Alex Wilson heals someone using magic energy

Ability to:

Control and create mystic energy

Possessed by:

Luciomancy users


Elemental Connection:


Mystic manipulation, also known as Magical manipulation is the ability to create and control mystical and magical forces


The user usually can possess the ability to manipulate and generate magical energy, which is used to create numerous effects, such as explosions, blasts or basicly spells which is used as a power instead of chantings and ingredients. The user can create runes in the air made from different coloured energies which give the effects, This is mainly used within Dreams, as the mind can conjure the forces of elements into powerful aspects of energy, usually granting elemental powers or elemental summonings, commonly this ability is the power to create magic, or generate spells, instead of using ordinary sayings and a book. Only rare witches or sorcerers can obtain or use this ability, commonly though a Luciomanic can use and conjure with this ability if they can manipulate their energies enough.

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