Maya herrera (heroes) emits poison

Ability to:

create and manipulate toxins

possessed by:


Elemental Connections:


Nosokinesis, also known as poison manipulation, toxic manipulation or disease manipulation is the ability to generate and manipulate poisons.


The ability to absorb, dispel and manipulate illness upon the field. Users can store any pathogen (disease-causing bacteria) contracted when within contact or formulated within and may be released at will of user. The plague includes coughing, high fever, and contractions. TUsers are usually immune to these poisons. Hi-level users can emit a lethal virus and may subdue a multitude of targets.

Nosokinesis is the superhuman ability to physically generate and mentally manipulate innumerable varieties of diseases, viruses and bacteria. One with this ability could use it to generate bacteria that have numerous body-affecting effects. A person with this ability can be immune to disease, transmit diseases to any desired subject, or even make the viruses, bacteria, or diseases airborne or highly contagious (even if they aren’t).

This is different from Maya Herrera's ability in that her ability can generate only one type of disease, whereas this ability can generate different types of bacteria, disease, viruses, etc.