Emma Coolidge (heroes) smashes a mug with her mind

Ability to:

See and manipulate sound waves

Possessed by:

Any Photokinesis User

Elemental Connections:


Audisthesia, Photosthesia, Otherly known as Photogenism, Is the ability to See sounds as coloured lights, and manipulate sound by Photokinetic Means.


The user has the power to divert or channel their Photon Manipulative abilities to invert into their minds, or the area around them, granting them the ability to see sound waves as coloured shaped lights, and manipulate these sound waves by manipulating the light seen. The user can manipulate the sound waves by also, possessing a powerful emotion, like if you got angry, and used your ability on a cup, the force of the sounds will compact off of the cup, and it would break or explode. if you got happy and used your ability, it would repair or heal the cup. If the user got severely sad or depressed, the cup would alter, or mold/wither. The user manipulates the sound waves into shapes, blasts, explosions, mainly alot of effects. also as taimers, to act as calm downers.


  • The user can manipulate sound by manipulating the Bright Lights seen
  • The user can see sounds as Pigmented Lights by inverting their lights into their brain waves
  • Some may only possess the power to see sound

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