Grain Manipulation
Ivan (golden sun) generates a sand disc

Ability to:

Manipulate, shape and control grain or sand

Elemental Connections:


Possessed by:


Psammokinesis is The ability to metaphysicaly manipulate and control grain or sand. Also known as Grain Manipulation Or Psammomancy


The user may manipulate and shape together sands to form sand or grain constructs, create sand or grain blasts and weapons or shapes made from sand, With this ability, one could hurl sand at foes, compact it into constructs like barriers and weapons, or even summon sand from all around to form a “tidal wave” of sand, a sandstorm, a sand vortex and the like (even quicksand, in the right environment). Should one hone this ability, however, this could lead into practicing Hyalokinesis. The psion could form together compacted grain boxes and use it to catch objects quickly, or to sink others underneath the ground, and possibly even manipulate and shape mud or dust.


Dust Manipulation

  • Control and manipulate fraction of dust

Particle Manipulation

  • Control any left over particles of matter in the air (dust,food paper)