The ability to psychically know any location by your mind.


Psychic Navigation, also known as (Psychic) Tracking/Tracing, (Psychic) Location, Tracking Sense or Pathfinding is the ability to psychically discern the location of an object, subject or location by one of a few ways. The first includes honing into the psionic trail every target leaves, to find any object, subject or location (by hearing “I lost my purple sweater”, or the like, the object's psionic trail activates, making it easy to find). The second means implies that the user simply psychically intuits the location of the object or subject, or the direction of the location. Another faculty implies innate knowledge of one's current location/cardinal direction, whether the user has visited the location before or not (this is called Location Familiarity or a Location/Direction Sense).

• Sometimes, the user can even attune himself to an object, subject or location, and receives psychic vibrations which grow or diminish in strength with the increasing closeness or farness of the target. In such a case, the user can suppress the ability at will, but if the user comes across the target without knowing it, he will receive a painless jolt alerting him of the target’s presence (even after the ability has been suppressed).

  • Note: If the user of Location Familiarity is actually familiar with his surroundings (his home country, his neighborhood, etc.), the user can even employ this ability to perceive his location in relation to known landmarks, so that he is incapable of being lost or misdirected (except by means like the ability Misdirection).

[edit] Variations:Edit

Path Setting

Path Setting, also called Path Generation, Trail Generation, Trail Setting or Trailblazing is the psionic ability to cause a subject to follow any path that is designated by the user, by one of many means. He might psionically draw a path from the subject’s feet to a destination; the psionic path pulls the subject along until he reaches the end. Or the user may simply think of a location, and the subject will take the shortest, the longest or most safe/dangerous path to it; the user often decides which option he wants to employ.

• Sometimes one can psionically “rig” the path, so that it can trap any foe that walks on it (if they touch it, they’ll follow the path, or walk back and forth along the path until they tire out, or the like, depending on the will of the user).

Psychic Map

Psychic Map is the psychic presence of a map within the mind of a superhuman. The user may have a total psychic “blueprint” of their current world/universe/dimension imprinted in their mind, and/or they can psychically imagine the shortest/safest path between any two points. However, it is also possible that the user can start off with just a “map” of the location they are in when they manifest their ability, and the “map” expands as they travel from that point. One with this ability can psychically scan any location that they have registered in their mind to find or observe any target currently in that location.


Telelocation, also known as Teletracking, Beacon Navigation, Innate Beacon or Destination Perception is the name of two similar abilities. The first is the ability to psychically attune oneself to an object/subject/location, so as to be able to know its location (or the path to the location) at all times, regardless of distance. The second is the ability to psychically discern or determine the destination of a subject’s teleportation, Dimensional Travel or Time Travel (when someone has teleported, the exact location of where they teleported, and sometimes the subject’s identity).


Tracing is a variation of Psychic Navigation in which the user can use psionic power to see the psionic trail of subjects and objects (they are perfectly visible to the user’s naked eye). The user can see footprints as visible, colored footprint-shaped imprints in the ground (different colors, feels or smells for different people), and can see, as a visible streamer of colored psionic energy, the path that someone took an object. On the other hand, a location’s trail (the path leading to a particular location) would look like a line tracing from the user’s feet (usually along the safest route) to the destination.


Zoning, also called Zone Generation or Homing is the name of two similar faculties of Psychic Navigation. The first entails sheathing the target and the projectile in matching psionic energy; the energy attracts the two objects to each other, thus making any target nearly impossible to miss, short of barriers being in the way. The second faculty, however, aligns the projectile (even a fist or the like) to the target’s psionic trail, so that when thrown, it simply follows the path (perhaps even phasing through obstacles in the way or doubling back when it misses) until it hits the target. These faculties often give the illusion of Superhuman Accuracy.

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