Sacred Locations
Sacred Temple
A sacred temple

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Sacred locations are places or areas that are sources to numerous kinds to mystic phenomena

Other know sacred locations Edit

  • Sacred Groves
  • Sacred Forests
  • Sacred Temple
  • Sacred Lands
  • Sacred Chambers
  • Dungeons.

Information Edit

These locations are areas that serves as iconic settings for all kinds of magical aspects.Some are built as sources of power and fuction, a place of worship, a dugeon,etc. In many cases, these are destined areas where guardians must travel in their quest. At the locations they will most likey have to complete a series of taks in order to escape the temple's traps, puzzles, and dangers that lay within.

The areas may be connected to various form of elments and may be home to various creature and monster that may posses elemental powers as well.

If anything, these are also known to be the resting place of very powerful artifacts. If one is able to pass through the dangers, they will recieve the recieve the artifact which capable of great, untold power.

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