Old solum grounds with ferai.


Solum is a dangerous but ordered place where their are many creatures and strange oppertunities among the people who come their, as of then it never goes to dawn. only dusk is in midth.

Creatures & Habitat:

Ferai - creatures with strange powers, they can grow metal claws from their hands similar to wolverine from xmen, these are the main race.

Malkai - evil beasts of cat-wolf like creatures.

Devon Demons - ghostly demons that float around and attack you if seen.

Crows - type of ferai that attack with bows and arrows, not so polite.

Wolves - wolves are seen throughout solum.

Leopards - leopards are commoly one of the creatures.

Elemental Connection:


A harsh realm where the sun never shines and an eternal winter blankets the ground and freezes the soul. This is a world reminiscent of the mortal Ancient Rome with columns high enough to reach the gods, and arenas to honour the brave and strong, however under the wrath of Chaos, much of the realm is experiencing vicious earthquakes that have shattered the once beautiful realm of Solum.

The occupants of this realm are the Ferai. Although fierce and rugged in appearance, the Ferai are fundamentally a good race, aligned with the forces of Order.

Each king of the Ferai has vast power and strength, but at the height of his power, must sacrifice himself, or the entire realm will collapse. Further, this is traditionally accomplished using an object called "the Burning Crown."Solum is filled with strange creatures,places, and even strange types of elements. In solum, time is frozen, it is never going to be dawn their, only dusk, night, because of the day time freezing, the order of their foods is out of balance, so they have no choice but to hunt for food themselves, including any creature they find,.

Creatures Found in SolumEdit

Although emphasis is on the Ferai, there are a great array of other animals in the realm. Some of these are never mentioned in the game, and as of this Wiki contain non-canon, temporary, descriptive names.
Ferai: A ritualistic race resembling a satyr or faun, they govern the land and the dominate species.
Malkai: Primitive, territorial beasts with huge teeth, glow-green eyes, and fearsome claws. They are fond of the dark and are afraid of fire. There are two notable sub-species. One contains a leopard skin coat, whilst the other a darker coat with a silver back, these latter are often the more dangerous.
Crows: These are commonplace, often heard they shoot poisonous arrows at you from their mouths.
Solum Antelope: Seen in some hunter camps, they appear to be slightly larger than Mortalis antelope, and their horns grow far down their torso toward their tail in length.
Wolf: A wolf is a common creature in solum.
Snow Leopard: Main animal types.
Unnamed Biped: A few are herded up at one of the hunt camps, but the most well known appearance is when the imposter Devena rides in from the city to execute a Shaman. It looks somewhat like a Tauntaun from the Star Wars franchise, and could well be a reference to it.


  • "The solum (plural, sola) in soil science consists of the surface and subsoil layers that have undergone the same soil forming conditions. " The Realm of Solum corresponds to the classical element Earth.

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