An Earth sprite


Creatures that are half fairy, half element, they possess the features of a fairy, but have the appearence or blood of an element, usually people discover or find earth sprites, or water sprites, sprites usually contain elemental powers, like creating fawn or controlling water, sometimes a fire sprite can be harnessed by a fireplace or source of fire, water and air sprites can be zapped from liquids , drinks or puddles, and air sprites can come from the clouds or right there infront of you

Powers & Abilities:

Vary the type:

Hydrokinesis - Water Sprites can create and manipulate water at will

Pyrokinesis - Fire sprites can create and control fire at will

Chlorokinesis - Earth sprites can grow and control plants at will

Aerokinesis - Air sprites can create and control the air at will

Quinetkinesis - Energy Sprites can create and control energy at will

Telepathy - Mind sprites, can hear thoughts and project them

Chronokinesis - Time sprites can Freeze time

Zapping - Magic sprites can zap objects with magical energy

Elemental Connections:


A sprite, is a supernatural and elemental faeire like creature.

Magnificent creatures with vast variation in color and form, these tiny faeries, may cause flowers to bloom yet can deliver surprisingly fierce bites when threatened. They are extremely shy when it comes to strangers, but can easily become attached to those who are kind or helpful to them. They are usually mistaken for large exotic insects or flowers. In the night they are sometimes even mistaken for fireflies due to the fact that they give off a faint glow. They are also known for randomly giving juicy red berries to their friends/owners, but if eaten taste amazing, like nothing you have ever tasted before, and that would be a good thing, except that human food will taste bland, plain as "sawdust" and whoever eats one will have to go on eating those berries for the rest of their lives since they cannot bare to eat human food.

Their wings are reminiscent of both insects and flowers. They have become iconic, even outside the community of sprite fanciers. Their tiny, winged forms are reproduced on jewelry and clothing. Because of their size, they can move at quick speeds, but they often glide through the air at a slow pace.

Anatomy[1] EditEdit

[2][3]The Sptite's AnatomyAdded by Max RussoIn order to better understand the sprite and to eventually compile lasting breed standards, the International Sprite League uses a common language for identifying the parts of these fascinating creatures.

  • Abdomen - The third of the body divisions, stretching from just below the forelegs to the end of the body and containing the hind legs.
  • Antennae - Feeler-like appendages located above the eyes and tympanum. Some sprites are able to move these individually, and a few have antennae that are jointed enough that they can even use them to gesture. Usually rudely.
  • Compound eyes - Sprites' eyes are composed of many facets. Sprites see in a manner that could be compared to looking at a wall of televisions, with several tuned to different channels.
  • Forelegs - The armlike parts of a sprite, extending from the thorax. Used to pick up items, steal, and slap.
  • Forewings (petals) - When shaped more like a flower or leaf, the wing that starts first on the thorax is called a petal. When not shaped like a flower or leaf, it is called a forewing. Forewings are the mechanism by which sprites can fly. The forewings are aided by the hind wings, if present.
  • Head - The first of the body divisions, the head contains the compound eyes, tympana, and antennae.
  • Hind legs - The leglike parts of a sprite, extending from the abdomen. Used to kick, skip, and walk.
  • Hind wings (sepals) - When shaped more like a flower or leaf, the wing that starts second on the sprite's thorax is called a sepal, after the small leaves under a flower. When not shaped like a flower or leaf, it is called a hind wing. In both cases its primary function is for flight, though males sometimes use it for display. Some sprites do not have hind wings.
  • Thorax - The second of the body divisions, the thorax contains the forewings, the hind wings, and the forelegs.
  • Tympana - Membranes connected to the nervous system, resulting in superattuned hearing. It is best not to gossip about your sprites. Even when you think you are at a sufficient distance, you are probably mistaken.

Keeping a Sprite as a Friend/Companion [4] EditEdit

When thinking about keeping a sprite as a pet/companion, you need to consider the following:

How will you acquire your sprite?

Where will you house it?

How will you be sure it gets the proper exercise and correct nutrition? The book: The Spiderwick Chronicles: Care and Feeding of Sprites has good facts and ideas. Here are some easy tips to remember:

  1. If keeping a Sprite inside your house, it will be most happy in a flower pot or some kind of indoor plant, placed somewhere with lots of sunshine (like a window) with a view of the outside.
  2. DO NOT capture a Sprite by caging it. You must first earn it's trust by feeding it or becoming correctly acquainted with it and then you may lure it to wherever you want. If you cage it or scare it, in defense it may bite or nip.
  3. One thing most all Faerie folk like to drink is lukewarm milk, it is sweet and tasty. This is one way you can lure a Sprite.

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