Geothermal Manipulation

Ability to:

Manipulate and emit volcanic energy

Possessed by:

Djin Unknown

Elemental Connection


Geothermal Manipulation,Tectrokinesis Is the ability to manipulate and control volcanic energies, and manipulate geothermal substances at will. This can be used to superheat objects, emit thermowaves and create fields of geothermal eruption. Users can emit and control earthquakes, create and heat up ice quickly to cause ease, stimulate spectro sun absorbtion to equil the ability of being able to set on fire without pain and emit fireballs or fire blasts.


The user can control and manipulate volcanic substances, create volcanic energies and emit or control them to do various things, gener

ate steam and heat, create and project volcanic earthly substance used to stick objects and emit shapes of lava, or burn and control powerful pyro dynamics.

The user can control lava and magma. Can evoke fissures spewing forth lava. May also be able to create magma and lava.

Not classified as Pyrokinesis nor Terrakinesis, as the manipulator can’t control fire or earth, but only molten substances.


  • The Djin Were quite known for their talent over geothermal energy.