The Promised Ones
The light of the prophecy


Prophetic enhancive guardians, chosen by the oracles to have access to divine light of the sun, and the moon, giving them entire new energies for world savior

Known Promised Ones:


Gifted With:

Light Of Day - Can access the energy of the sun and it's light

Light Of Night - Can access the energy of the moon and it's light

Global Interception - To quickly have the detain power of a guardian

The promised ones, The Prophetic Ones, The Prophecy Keepers, are a type of universal guardians, that are enhancive in the quest of helping mother nature.

The Eternal ProphecyEdit

The prophecy states, that once every two thousand years, children on earth, begin to experience very extra-ordinary events, traumatic, but always hidden in a divine message from The Oracles. These messages, were signs of Paranormal Abilities, Magical Events, or sometimes even witchcraft happenings. The children, mainly around up from 1-5 , develop these stages at the age of 12+. They start off with beginning to experience Enhanced Super Senses, Which lead the child to believe they are developing a common known nack, such as synesthesia or dyspraxia. eventually. they experience active paranormal experience, like seeing ghosts or feeling and communing with ghosts . It is unknown still of these people have already emerged, but the eternal sight. or eternal flame can behold such light, can magnify to defeat alot of pure and honest evil. The seem to origniate from the stages of a guardian, only they have a soul as pure as water, and aswell as their courage, or belief in them that they can do all of this. One sign of this is being someone within a family to contain something no one else seems to affinate for. such as being prone to loving nature, when your family work at technological stands, or being interested in folklore, while your parents and siblings are skeptics of anything so rare and unseen,. The eternal globe, can represent these beings, as they have an unknown Source Of Energy hidden deep within them. this force can be physical or mentally aimed,. The prophets spoke of the keepers, being able to have the ulite life force powerful enough to battle evil in many forms. Demons,Spirits,Satanists,Evil Witches,Dark Magic,Portal Warpers, or even in the cases of Magical Creatures or Even human being terms. Ancients spoke about Sun Magic, and Moon Magic, being forced together to combinate almagation over any elemental intribute, as much as the power can contain enough magic to destroy an army of evil souls or evil entities. Commonly, a shaman can channel these energies.

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