Tru Blood


True blood is a real beverage created by japan scientists for people with a taste for blood but mainly for vampires. tru blood is yet to be released world wide.


A- A+ O- B- B+ O+ AB+ AB-

Tru Blood, Is a beverage made for vampires (specificly blood cravers) that have the taste for blood, tru blood has been made in japan and is yet to be released in stores nation wide. Tru blood is a soda but has the flavour of blood and has a liquidified sentament of synthetic blood.

Tru Blood is a brand of synthetic bottled blood engineered by Japanese scientists.

Tru Blood is marketed as an alternative blood source for vampires and blood drinkers and supposedly meets all their nutritional needs. However, many vampires have found Tru Blood to be It comes in as many flavors as there are blood types (e.g. B Negative, O Positive). It has been seen to be as expensive as $45 a bottle in hotels.

Tru Blood is intended to be served warm, with most preferring it at 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 F). Even psi vampires have a thirst for blood as they shall desire it in awakening stages.