Twilight exists between light and Darkness, right at the line where the shadow meets the light


Photokinesis Umbrakinesis

Elemental connections:

Light, Darkness, Yin & Yang

Main Effect:

Control the bountries of Light and Darkness

Main Power:


Twilight is the Third Yin/Yang element, the element of neutrality. Twilight is the essence which exists in the space between Light and Darkness. It controls how far light can go, and how much the darkness can consume.

Twilikinesis is the ability to control both active, and deactive photons, with it users can push away Light creating a dark room, or push the darkness away blinding everyone (note: this trick only works if there is a light)

its also possible to shroud one's self with light to illuminate themselfs a dark area, or with darkness to hide in the shadows

the Symbol for Twilight is a Solar Eclipse or a Black Sun (as seen in the picture below)

Solar eclipse

The symbol of Twilight is a solar eclipse, a symbol of neutrality between the sun and moon

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