Ability to:

Manipulate,Shape and project dark energies

Possessed by:


Elemental Connections:


Umbrakinesis or Darkness Manipulation Is The ability to project and manipulate/shape darkness and dark energy at will.


The user may emit and control dark techs of energy with their minds, as well as project powerful shapes of any weapon or shape they desire. The psion can create a domenic field of dark potential power to create a powerful blast to destroy any breakable objects. A psion has the ability to shoot dark purple electricity from their eyes as well as mouth.The user can control dark matter/organic darkness. One can even deactivate and/or repulse photons or travel through shadows, by converting deactivated photons into a dark version of a portal. Can surround foes in pitch black clouds of light-less space, turn deactivated photons into constructs, or shoot bolts of solid darkness at foes.


  • Dark Bomb: The ability to harness and concentrate dark energy into a destructive wave of force.
  • Dark Lightning: Can emit a dark electrical source of lightning from their body.
  • Shadow Quakes: Can project powerful dark potential of shadow balls.
  • Dark Constructs: Can form dark energized constructs like weapons or solids.

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