A Deceased Undine washed up on shore.


Undine are powerful magical ocean creatures that have telepathic and hydrokinetic powers aswell as being able to change human to undine form, they possess the body shape of half merperson and half nod fish. these creatures live in mostly aquis but can use their portal to travel to earth in their ocean aswell. they can only survive underwater, and have superfast swimming capability as well as speaking all languages due to telepathy

Powers & Abilities:

Telepathy - undine have the gift of telepathy, they can hear and project thoughts of every living thing, human or non human and can create telepathic blue blasts.

Hydrokinesis - they have the power to mould and manipulate water aswell as make it speed them up in swimming and helps them push objects back underwater.

Tail Knocks - can throw their tail as a weapon of defense.

Organic Defense System - cannot die or get ill easily.

Empathy - can pick up and feel emotions of beings.


Aquarius Unaperdus Deramous

Elemental Connection:



An electrokinetic charge to the organs/heart, telepathic resistance, a cryokinetic charge.

The Undine (Race)Edit

Able to communicate telepathically, the Undine prosper only because of the complex water purification machines they rely on. This humanoid race is perfectly adapted to life underwater with efficient gills and fins that power them through the shadowy depths. They resemble what those in Mortalis would refer to as mermaids.

[edit] Undine Society

An Undine using telepathy with a blue glow


Elegant and cultured, the Undine strive for Order throughout Aquis. But the taint of Chaos has reached even here with bizarre mutations roaming the depths of Aquis. Even Adaro, the King of the Undine has not escaped - and in his madness, he is planning to sacrifice his Queen Aino to the gods of the sea.

It's noted that the Undine race are significantly advanced as a people opposed to the other races of Oblivion with significantly advanced machines and lifestyle not common in other realms.