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Most Used Extra Power:

Hydromancy - see the future in water

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Plant Manipulation Carbon Manipulation

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Water,Liquid,Hydro,Aqua is the first elemental that states origin,. water represents healing,life,balance, and flow. a guardian with this power, can manipulate water in all its forms. these abilities avolve around liquids and waters and even substances, with these the user can generate water from the air, manipulate the air water, and do many things.

Water is a chemical substance with the chemical formula H2O. Its molecule contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms connected by covalent bonds. Water is a liquid at ambient conditions, but it often co-exists on Earth with its solid state, ice, and gaseous state, water vapor or steam.

Water covers 71% of the Earth's surface[1], and is vital for all known forms of life.[2] On Earth, it is found mostly in oceans and other large water bodies, with 1.6% of water below ground in aquifers and 0.001% in the air as vapor, clouds (formed of solid and liquid water particles suspended in air), and precipitation.[3] Oceans hold 97% of surface water, glaciers and polar ice caps 2.4%, and other land surface water such as rivers, lakes and ponds 0.6%. A very small amount of the Earth's water is contained within biological bodies and manufactured products.

Water on Earth moves continually through a cycle of evaporation or transpiration (evapotranspiration), precipitation, and runoff, usually reaching the sea. Over land, evaporation and transpiration contribute to the precipitation over land.

Clean drinking water is essential to human and other lifeforms. Access to safe drinking water has improved steadily and substantially over the last decades in almost every part of the world.[4][5] There is a clear correlation between access to safe water and GDP per capita.[6] However, some observers have estimated that by 2025 more than half of the world population will be facing water-based vulnerability.[7] A recent report (November 2009) suggests that by 2030, in some developing regions of the world, water demand will exceed supply by 50%.[8] Water plays an important role in the world economy, as it functions as a solvent for a wide variety of chemical substances and facilitates industrial cooling and transportation. Approximately 70% of freshwater is consumed by agriculture.[9]


The user can has control over water, this has many physics defying uses such as making the freeze, melt or evaporate levitate etc it can also be used to make natural phenomenom such as waterfalls, tidal waves and whirlpools. The user could manipulate the water to go to depths that would otherwise be impossible because of the pressure. Can pull together tiny droplets of water from the air to make larger bodies of water. One can even 'rip' the water out of people, resulting in Dehydration. The user could trap air in bubbles.

In some cases, some high level users can control people through blood manipulation, controlling the water content within the blood. Since plants primarily consist of water, some high level users can control plants like that of Botanical Manipulation.

[edit] LimitsEdit

  • Water generation isn't always included with the ability, so users may only be able to control pre-existing water.
  • Since water can conduct electricity, a person with this ability who is electrocuted by this, while covered in water, will get seriously hurt.
  • Controlling great bodies of water (lakes, ponds, seas) is very time-consuming and difficult in most universes.

[edit] VariationsEdit

Viscosity Manipulation

  • The ability to psychically manipulate the volume and thickness of liquids. One with this ability could thicken water to allow floatation. This ability could also be used to thicken liquids into a thick glue to prevent escape or to thin the blood of foes. This ability can prevent liquids from dripping out of containers at a normal rate by turning them extremely thick, or trap foes underwater conditions to be rendered in suspended animation.

these are its abilities in water:


[NOTE THIS ABILITY CAN BE ACCESSED USING TELEKINESIS] Hydrokinesis, Water Manipulation, Aquakinesis Is the main elemental kinesis for the water element. with hydrokinesis the user can generate water from the air, create water blasts, manipulate any water source, control water and its forms, and even combine it with different moves to create powerful attacks. one could also shape water into different forms and shapes, manipulate its pressure causing it to create hard whip form like attacks, and shape water to extent it as a water weapons or even water guns, or even manipulate its thickness and possibly coloured duality. one might even be able to activate and control water machinery and possibly combust water particles from steam, and they can also bring forth manipulation over steam and if steam is in the area it can be very very useful but dangerous.

Hydrokinesis gifffff

Hydrokinesis Shaping




Water Strike


Water/Steam Manipulation, Steam Control, Thermokinesis Is the second element kinesis for the element water, with thermokinesis the user could generate large emissions of steam and heat, boil objects and liquids, super heat areas and generate blasts of steam auguments. with this a kinetic could cause so much heat that the area would and might even set on fire, this is useful for having a large supply of water because you can turn the steam into concussive water vapouring attacks.

Pyro thermo



Ice Manipulation, Frozen Liquid Control, Cryokinesis Is the third element kinesis for the element water, with cryokinesis one could create and control ice, generate ice blasts, freeze areas and objects/ and even liquids, create snow, generate cold tempature, and create ice weapons or even shape and combust ice. this is useful for causing too much ice on an object allowing it to freeze surpetanously, causing combustion or breakage.




Gelatine Manipulation, Gelatin Control, Substanciakinesis Is the fourth element kinesis for water, with substanciakinesis one could create and control geletine in liquids

and objects, transform objects into coloured geletine objects, andwith enough concentration cause the water or object to become crystal solid or even indestructable.



Gelid powers

Additional AbilitiesEdit

  • Hydromancy - See the future and information by staring into any water or liquid
  • Hydrocentience - Gain visions of whoever came neer the water by touching it.
  • Hydro-Electro Adaption - Gain energies from feeling water
  • Hydro-Combokinesis - form different combonations of different kinesis to form new water powers
  • Hydro-Cryokinesis - Ability to cool or freeze water.
  • Hydro-thermokinesis - Heat and boil water.
  • Hydro-substanciakinesis - Transform water into jelleton or solid.
  • Hydro-Marokinesis - Form and create water energies and manipulate it.
  • Hydro-Agrokinesis - Manipulate Plants with your mind (because plants are made of water. earth kinetics also posess this ability).
  • Hydro-Agro-Balistokinesis - Ability to combust or break and explode plants.
  • Hydro-Balistokinesis - Ability to cause water to explode or blast.
  • Hydro-pyrokinesis - Set water on fire (only works with wet places combined with thermokinesis)
  • Hydro-bublokinesis - Ability to generate bubble made liquids.
  • Hydro-Asprokinesis - Ability to manipulate water vapour and steam
  • Hydro-Divitokinesis - Ability to manipulate clouds. air kinetics also posess this ability.
  • Aqokinesis - the power to manipulate water elemental energy

List Of Some Techniques ( From avatar wiki)Edit

Note that the way they use water powers in avatar is sort of the same way in reality,.

Waterbending Abilities and TechniquesEdit

Water Manipulation: Almost all forms of Waterbending involve moving and shaping a body of water to the Waterbender's desire. By simply levitating a large mass of water, Waterbenders can move water anywhere they wish, even parting it under the surface of a lake or sea, allowing them to walk along the bottom of a basin without the need to swim. These large bodies can also be used as weapons, either by shaping them into gigantic whips, swung repeatedly at a target as a snake-like body, formed momentarily into a razor-sharp edge that can cut through even metal, or simply dropped onto an opponent to smother them or put out a fire. On the sea or ocean, Waterbending can be used to create giant maelstroms. Aang and Katara used this to see off a giant sea serpent in the episode "The Serpent's Pass".

Snow Manipulation: A move that pushes and levitates snow for attack, shielding and defense. Living on the poles of the Earth, Waterbenders are accustomed to living in the snow. The snow is used as the first source when Waterbending. They are able to compress the snow together, in order to slice through objects, even metal. Masters like Pakku can bend the snow to make a snow spout, that can carry the bender around and they can still attack and dodge at the same time. This has been seen being done by many Waterbenders but mostly in "The Siege of the North, Part 1" and "The Siege of the North, Part 2". [1][2]Aang streaming the water.Streaming the Water: Named by Katara, it is a move that draws water from a source that Waterbenders move around their bodies. A more advanced version demonstrated by Aang apparently involves "sinking and floating". This move is thought to be used for basic training so that beginning Waterbenders can get a "feel" for water, but it is in all actuality a very useful move performed by Waterbenders of every skill level. [3][4]A Water Whip.Water Whips: The most frequently seen move involves creating a lashing tendril of water to swipe at an opponent. The shape, size, and length are all determined by a Waterbender's control. More powerful benders can create larger whips or ones of greater finesse. Due to water being incompressible, a whip can be sharpened into a blade that can even slice through metal with relative ease. Katara has shown the ability to create water whips with her feet with great finesse as shown in The Earth King within Book 2.

Water Jets: High pressure jets can be used to force opponents back or even blast clean through a target if focused enough. Water jets are primarily used if the user has intent of severely hurting their opponents. Seen being performed by Katara in "The Waterbending Scroll".

Waves: By moving a large mass of water without separating it from its original source, water benders can create waves of nearly any size. They do this by using an upward movement and after raising the source, they send away in their desired direction. This can be used to sweep opponents away or even as a form of transport, with the bender surfing on the crest of the wave. This same process can be used to propel waterborne crafts.

Water Bullet: The Water Bullet is a move where a Waterbender bends a large amount of water and sends it in a forceful blow towards their target. It is similar to a Water Jet, but its more for a quick use since the jet takes more concentration. It is seen numerous times throughout the series and is basic yet useful because it takes little time to perform and has a significant effect on the target. Katara used this against Southern Tribe Waterbender Hama in "The Puppetmaster". [5][6]Katara using a water shield.Water Walls/Water Shields: Water can be molded into a variety of shapes and can be used to deflect an attack, trap opponents in a viscous body, reshaped and propelled at attackers before they can recover, or solidified into a shield of ice. This diversity and ability to swiftly change to suit the situation is what makes the Waterbender's defense so adaptable. Although it is protecting, the shield needs some type of compression or else the shield won't be effective. This is shown when Katara is fighting Zuko in The Siege of the North, Part 1 and the quickly-made shield couldn't block the fire blast.

Water Temperature Manipulation: Waterbenders also possess hydro-thermokinetic powers and abilities regarding their element, meaning that they can alter the physical state of the water they manipulate (between liquid, solid and gas) at will. Changing the phase of water allows for multiple techniques in the course of a battle, from encasing an opponent in ice to hiding behind a wall of mist. Ice and steam/fog can also be molded in a diverse range of shapes. Ice provides a degree of hard lethality since it can be molded into spikes or blades to pin down or impale opponents. Steam or mist can obscure a battlefield and mask movement. A Waterbender can easily superheat and boil water and other liquids to scalding temperatures. Katara made good use of this to enhance her performance as the Painted Lady.

Water Pressure Manipulation: Waterbenders are also able to manipulate water pressure, allowing their techniques to grasp other objects or cutting through without simply parting around them. Since water is incompressible, it can be used as a semi-solid while being able to move and flow like a liquid. Water can be pressurized to such a level where it can slice through metal. Waterbenders can also use this to avoid sinking in water, effectively being able to walk on water, as demonstrated by Katara multiple times.

Ice Spikes: Waterbenders can shoot small shards of ice at their opponent, or cause a giant spike to protrude from a body of water. The Northern Water Tribe employs these as a primary defense at their homeland when enemy ships are sighted. [7][8]Hama and her Ice Claws.Ice Claws: Shown by Hama, Ice Claws is a move where the bender draws water around their fingers and freeze it. They can also be sent forward, shooting them at an opponent. A Waterbender can also use this as an advantage, being small and unnoticeable, they can hide them in their sleeves just like Mai's Weapons. It can also be assumed that they can also create ice gloves and be used just like the Rock Gloves used by the Dai Li.

Ice Spear: The Ice Spear is a Waterbending move shown to have been used by Southern Waterbenders. It involves freezing a stream of water and then sending the frozen result flying at the target. This move was used by Katara in The Southern Raiders when she is about to strike down Yon Rha, it has also been seen in Avatar games as well as the Avatar TCG.

Ice Creeper: A Waterbender can send a ray of ice on the ground, speeding at an opponent to freeze them. This technique freezes a trail of water beginning with the Waterbender performing the move and ending with their targets freezing. This technique was first performed by Katara in "The Avatar Returns" when she accidentally froze Sokka's feet to the ship.

Ice Shield: A Waterbender can freeze an amount of water in front of them, creating a shield of ice. This technique has been seen many times in the series being performed by Aang and Katara.

Ice Discs: A Waterbender can create a cylindrical column of ice and proceed to slice razor-sharp sections of it off and send them at an opponent. They are sharp around the edges but all very thin, since Master Pakku was able to break them with his wrists.

Breath of Ice: A Waterbender can use their breath to rapidly freeze objects, such as metallic chains, or an opponent. For a more advanced version of the technique, the user takes a deep breath and exhales the air as a cloud of freezing mist. Katara used this technique in "Jet" to freeze Jet to a tree, in "The Swamp" to save Sokka from Huu, and in "The Awakening" where she stopped the warship from sinking by temporarily freezing a hole in the ships hull. Aang and Roku have used this technique before (possibly combined with Airbending) to freeze lava. Also Aang used this to break the chain from where Bumi was being lifted by a crane.

Water Knife: The ability to shape water into a super-sharp edge or point for a split-second. Due to water's highly incompressible nature, it enables a Waterbender to cut through metal, wood and stone. This technique has been used numerous times throughout the series but it is most notable use was by Aang and Katara to sabotage the giant Fire Nation Drill assaulting Ba Sing Se in The Drill.

Water Cloak: A Waterbender can use their water as a form of armor with tentacle-like arms. The bender can use these arms to grab objects, whip enemies, blast enemies with water and freeze them. If a Waterbender has less water available, he or she can simply form the arms instead of the entire cloak. This technique was first shown by Katara in the episode "The Crossroads of Destiny".

Water Filtering: When working in concert with an Earthbender, a Waterbender can purify polluted water. The Waterbender suspends the polluted water in the air while the Earthbender removes the pollutants and sets them aside.

[edit] Waterbending Master LevelEdit

The mark of a master Waterbender is the ability to swiftly change from one state of water to another and rapidly switch techniques during combat, keeping the opponent off guard while constantly adapting to the enemy as demonstrated by Master Pakku. For example, he deflected a stream of water away from himself, froze it, and used it to slide behind Katara and counterattacked.

Bubble: When in need to cross large bodies of water, capable Waterbenders are able to create a bubble around themselves, keeping an air supply for them and for others. It was used by Aang and Katara in "The Serpent's Pass" and by Katara twice so that she and Appa could submerge, during "The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion" and "The Southern Raiders".

Water Drill: A high-pressure, rotating column of water. Capable of exerting a significant amount of pressure upon a solid surface, that allows the action of a drill. The move takes mastery of Waterbending since the motions to create a constantly twisting body of water takes bending skill. This technique was first seen being performed by Avatar Roku's Waterbending teacher in "The Avatar and the Fire Lord".

Water Spout: This high-level technique involves controlling a whirlpool-like pillar of water as a weapon, rotating it and directing its movements at the same time. Another form exists, which is nicknamed the "Water Snake", in accordance to the waterspout's constantly shifting and coiling movements. Forms a giant snake of water around the lower body, elevating them from the ground. First shown by Aang in "The Avatar Returns", Master Pakku has been seen performing this technique, as well as a minor version performed by Katara in the episode "The Crossroads of Destiny" to bring Aang up and out of the catacombs.

Octopus form: A body of water formed around the user into 8 or so whip-like limbs which can be used to grasp or strike an opponent or to intercept and seize incoming attacks. It is assumed that this requires a great deal of concentration. This technique was first shown in "The Cave of Two Lovers" by Aang when training with Katara. It was seen a second time in "The Crossroads of Destiny" when Katara was fighting the Dai Li.

Ice Dome: A highly advanced technique, as demonstrated by Katara in The Siege of the North Part 1, a Waterbender may surround a foe in a viscous sphere of water and then freeze it, trapping their opponent inside.

Ice Floor: With a sufficient amount of water a master can cover a large area of the ground with ice, trapping enemies' feet in ice and allowing the Waterbender to slide around. Pakku performed this during the Order of the White Lotus invasion of Ba Sing Se.

Ice Prison: This technique covers an opponent in a prison made of ice. By finely controlling the position of the person within, this technique can restrict the motions of a opponent's hands, thus rendering them powerless. Shown by Katara in "Sozin's Comet, Part 3: Into The Inferno".

Ice Tunneling: Waterbenders are able to swim through thick ice with the same ease as through water. This allows them to surprise their foes. Only seen to be performed once, in the flashback of Hama in The Puppetmaster, by an unknown Waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe. [9][10]Katara and Aang making a whirlpool.Maelstrom: In a large body of water, a Waterbender can create a gigantic whirlpool. This technique is executed by Aang and Katara during the "Serpent's Pass" while fighting the serpent.

Mass Freeze: A Waterbender can freeze multiple targets at once. Making them slow down or even surrounding them with ice first shown by Katara in "The Avatar Returns".

Water Dome: A master Waterbender can collect water from the rain, forming a dome which can be used for both offense and defense. Katara used this in "The Southern Raiders".

Ice Ramp: Waterbenders can manipulate ice as a mean of short transportation, as seen by Katara in "The Runaway" when training with Aang and Toph.

Razor Rings: An experienced Waterbender can create multiple simultaneous water rings capable of cutting. Katara used this in "The Swamp" against Huu.

[edit] Avatar Level WaterbendingEdit

[11][12]Avatar Kuruk Waterbending.Tsunamis: Since they can control larger bodies of water, Avatars are capable of creating and controlling water bodies of far greater size and scale, including causing massive tsunamis, at will. First seen by Avatar Kuruk in "The Avatar State", he creates a large wave that he then uses to ride on. A large wave can be made by a Waterbender by making a circular motion with his/her arms. In "The Awakening", Aang and Princess Yue create a large tsunami that brings Aang to safety.

Remote Waterbending: As seen in "Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang", Avatars can use Waterbending from distances which a Waterbender would not normally be able to. While in combat with Ozai Aang goes into the Avatar State and pulls water in from the sea towards himself to make part of his elemental sphere. After defeating Ozai, Aang raises the tides of the sea to put out the fire at Wulong Forest caused by Ozai and his airships.

Water Compression: Normally nearly incompressible, an Avatar in the Avatar State has enough power over water to compress its volume, compacting several thousands of gallons into a small volume. Aang does so when creating his Elemental Sphere when preparing to pursue Ozai in "Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang".

[edit] Special TechniquesEdit

Cloudbending: In, "The Fortuneteller", it's shown that (because clouds are made with water and air), a skilled Waterbender or Airbender can manipulate them easily to create various shapes (used in that instance to provide a message to nearby villagers). It was later used as a defense by Aang and his friends to disguise their flights on Appa while moving about the Fire Nation. It is unknown if a Waterbender can perform this technique without an Airbender and vice versa.

Sweat Manipulation: First shown by Katara "The Runaway", resourceful Waterbenders can bend their own sweat to be used as a makeshift weapon or tool in the case of being separated from other sources of water.

Condensation: Not only can skilled Waterbenders condense clouds into a usable source of water when they are within close range of one ("The Desert"), but they also can condense invisible water vapor right out of the air ("The Puppetmaster"). Although, due to the limited quantities of water present in the air (1% at most of the earth's atmosphere is vapor) the amount of water extracted from the air is quite minimal. Favorable environment and climatic conditions increase the amount of water one can remove from the air.

Plantbending: A member of the Foggy Swamp Tribe, Huu, has illustrated that talented Waterbenders can manipulate plant life--from the highly water-saturated vines and roots found within the swamp lands and seaweed from the ocean floor--they can even rapidly regenerate the plant mass of the plants they bend (since the cell tissues of a plant is more versatile than the cell tissues of an animal--and why Bloodbending can only be achieved on the nights of the full moon; see below), all by bending the ample amount of water within them just as they can with watery mud. [13][14]Hama bending water from Fire liliesGoing further, a skilled Waterbender is able to separate and completely extract the water from plants for more effective utilization just as they are able to separate the water from mud, sand, and even polluted river systems, etc. In the case of plant life, this process will then leave behind the withered remains of all the affected plant life or even making them collapse in the case of large trees.

Bloodbending: Bloodbending is introduced in the episode "The Puppetmaster". Since the human body is roughly 70% water, Bloodbending does not necessarily bend blood, but the fluids in one’s body, allowing the user to manipulate a body's muscles to move as they wish or to stop movement completely. Potentially, a Bloodbender could do a number of other things to the water in a person's body, such as stop a victim's heart or crush his/her internal organs; pressurize, boil, or cool the water to kill their opponent; or even completely extract the fluids from one's body imitating the technique used with plants, though this has not been stated. The technique is so advanced that Hama could only use it under the full moon. In the Southern Raiders, it is unclear whether Katara uses Bloodbending without a full moon. The full moon is shown earlier in the episode, but it is possible that the moon phase changed for the night that Katara actually uses Bloodbending, since it is a different night.

Only two people, Katara and Hama, have been shown to have mastered this technique. Despite having lived in the Fire Nation now, Hama originated from the Southern Water Tribe. She discovered this technique during her long imprisonment by the Fire Nation. She first figured out how to perform the technique by bending the water inside the prison rats when her power was enhanced during a full moon. She then manipulated the prison guards forcing them to open her cage and prevent them from following her. Hama later used it to kidnap Fire Nation civilians, making them literally walk into her clutches and imprison them, but she was later found and arrested.

Bloodbending is considered to be quite a sinister art since it forces the bender's will over the victim's will. According to, those who practice the technique open themselves up to homicidal madness.

Katara was forced by Hama to learn this technique in order to stop her from making Sokka kill Aang, which she found quite upsetting when she realized she learned it.

In "The Southern Raiders", Katara willingly used Bloodbending to subdue the leader of the Southern Raiders, allowing Zuko to properly interrogate him. Once she realized he was not the man who killed her mother Kya, she released him from her control, but had showed deep regret when she learned that she had Bloodbended an innocent person.

According to Avatar Extras, during the production of the "Puppet Master", the episode in which Bloodbending first appeared, the technique Hama used to temporarily hold Katara was jokingly called the "Stop Hitting Yourself" technique.

Solutions: It has been shown that Waterbenders can manipulate any liquid that is partially water, or anything that contains water. In "Bato of the Water Tribe", Katara bent the contents of the abbey's perfume vats. She has also been seen to use Waterbending to stir and ladle stew into bowls, and has bent mud as well. In "The Drill", Katara halted the flow of the slurry on the back of the drill to prevent Ty Lee from following her. Later on, with Toph's aid, they were able to push the slurry back into the drill. Katara was also seen to bend mud when she and Toph ended up fighting when they were supposed to be training Aang in "The Runaway". In the same episode, Katara bends soup right into Appa's mouth from a pot. In "The Southern Raiders", Katara bended ink to make a Fire Nation official leave the room so she and Zuko could search through the files about the current location of the Southern Raiders. In "Sozin's Comet, Part 1: The Phoenix King," Aang thinks of using "Gluebending" to defeat Ozai, suggesting that a Waterbender can bend glue.

Water Run: This is a technique in which Waterbenders would use all four limbs to run on water at very high speeds, in addition to riding on foreign objects with the same purpose. This technique is first used in "The Serpent's Pass", when Katara forms an ice surfboard and increases her speed in order to effectively freeze the Serpent's midsection without being hit; unfortunately the Serpent broke out. Katara used it a second time in "The Painted Lady" to cross the lake to the village, and Aang did a variation of this by freezing blocks of ice to use as stepping stones. Katara also used this technique in "Sozin's Comet, Part 1: The Phoenix King" when the Gang was having a "beach party". She used a surfboard made of ice to move effortlessly across the water much like wakeboarding or surfing (regardless of the fact that the water was calm). Lastly, Aang uses this against Ozai in "Sozin's Comet, Part 3: Into The Inferno" to run from Ozai's attacks after being knocked off a cliff.

Steam Manipulation: A technique that allows Waterbenders to manipulate steam. They can produce it from any water source. It can be used to freeze people or objects. It can also be used for cover. Katara made good use of the technique in "The Awakening" when she used steam to cover the ship for safety and in "The Painted Lady", when she surrounded herself in steam to create an eerie atmosphere. It should be well noted that this may have been mist also, which is comprised of tiny water droplets suspended in air.

[edit] Enhanced WaterbendingEdit

Waterbending is enhanced during the night, due to its lunar affinity. During a full moon in particular, Waterbending is greatly enhanced, to the point where a single Waterbender can overpower multiple opponents with relative ease. Bloodbending is only possible during the full moon by even master level benders, but it is unknown if an Avatar, who wields considerably more power, would be able to Bloodbend at any time. A Waterbender can also resist Bloodbending during this period for the same reasons.

[edit] Opposing Bending ArtEdit

Waterbending is the opposing bending art to Firebending, though it is similar in its need for inner discipline and strong connection to external forces. Firebenders use quick strong punches and kicks to shoot fire, while Waterbenders use slow movements and elegant turns and spins to return the momentum of the opponents' attacks with blasts of water. Firebenders attack first, while Waterbenders wait and turn their target's attacks against them.

Like all the bending arts, Waterbending is balanced out as to not be more or less powerful than the other arts. The series has repeatedly illustrated that it is the skill and prowess of the user that determines victory. In the case of Waterbending however, a Waterbender's ability to perform all of the Waterbending they are capable of is significantly dependent on the amount of water available.

Avatar Roku, born a Firebender, considered learning Waterbending, his opposing natural element "especially challenging", and called mastering the four elements "bitter work", which is also the title of the episode in which Aang tries to master his natural opposite, Earthbending. Even when in combat situations, Roku favors Firebending, Earthbending and Airbending above Waterbending, as evident in the "The Avatar and the Fire Lord", where Roku does not use Waterbending to fight the volcano, despite being surrounded by water.

Iroh created a Firebending technique that uses Waterbending philosophy to redirect lightning. Zuko was taught the technique and both of them have been shown using it effectively against powerful opponents. Zuko later taught it to Aang, who also was able to use the technique.

[edit] WeaponsEdit

[15][16]The bottle of water from KataraSo far, the only times a weapon has been used with Waterbending is when Avatar Kyoshi uses her fans to create a wave in "Avatar Day", and in "The Earth King", when Aang used his staff to freeze water. It has been stated that, given their almost "Samurai-like" cutting techniques, a katana or a cane sword would be the best weapon suited for a Waterbender. However, Waterbenders do carry water around in water skins when they are in places where there is little water, such as the desert. These skins carry various amounts of water depending on their size.

[edit] StylesEdit

[edit] Northern and Southern StyleEdit

The Northern Water Tribe developed the first style of Waterbending for use in their home at the North Pole. When the Southern Water Tribe formed in the South Pole, they developed a slightly different style that nonetheless is very similar to their Northern kin.

The traditional Waterbending styles of the Northern and Southern Water Tribes focus on graceful, fluid movements for their attacks. These styles frequently make use of switching the state of water from liquid to ice and snow. It is with this technique that the Waterbenders built their large polar cities. The Northern Waterbenders seem to traditionally perform more defensive, strategic, and architectural techniques in Waterbending, while Southern Waterbenders seemed to have been more aggressive when fighting and showed to have used more offensive techniques.

[edit] Foggy Swamp StyleEdit

[17][18]Foggy Swamp Style.Foggy Swamp Style is the Waterbending style used by the Foggy Swamp Tribe of the Earth Kingdom.

Instead of the fluid, graceful movements of the other two Waterbending styles, they keep a rigid and straight stance, possibly reflecting the usually stagnant nature of water in their swamp homelands, and use stiff and circular arm movements to move water like a propeller. This style seems to be very effective in moving the Tribe's boats.

They do not appear to use ice or snow attacks as often as their polar cousins, possibly due to the lack of ice in their environment. One of the Swamp Tribesmen, Huu, was able to develop Plantbending, a technique seen performed only by him. It is unlikely that other polar Waterbenders are aware of this technique, though Hama didn't express surprise when learning of it, preferring to remove the water from plants rather than manipulating the plant.

The battle capabilities of the style seem to be very accurate, since during "The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion", Tho, Due and the other Swamp Waterbenders used this unique style in battle: using noticeable foot movements in addition to moving their arms in the desired direction to shield themselves from harm before stepping and performing an elegant punching motion to attack.

==Vita-Hydrokinesis == Hydrokinetics or water movers can Manipulate the pressured density energies of water also, using this they can shape a small ball of water into a patch like shape of water and place it on a wound, leave it there, or else the user can freeze it in place to heal the wounds.

Katara heal jet


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