Willow, The psychic painting


The dark realm inhabited by demons and spirits, but contains a catalyst secret

Creatures & Habitat:

Changelings - small little onion formed demons, which poke holes with there claws in your skin, and hurl poison

Goul - a demonic entity with a sword, and a horse. he runs around to kill anyone on sight

Electrical Spirit - a spirit which conducts electricity to opponents

Mill Ghost - a ghost that haunts the mill

Satanic Horned Pig - a demonic pig with pyrotic horns, eats its prey

Sea Hag - a demonic water creature , like a mutant mermaid, has claws and can emit small ammounts of ice

Elemental Connections:

Water, Darkness

Willow, is an astral world, filled with darkness, not all bad, but has a strange mystery, in which only a Dream Keeper can enter or open for others.


Is a mystical realm, built on the astral and dream planes, which has a dark entitle, and a very odd mystery of it. The only known appearence of this realm is a psychic painting, and the virtual world of it in the video game Tomb Raider Chronicles. This realm is quite a large one, contains various obstacles and powerful demons, but is quite energy filling, and somewhat contains the vessel for another realm. It has a very adventurous depth. The main part of this realm is a tree, shaped weirdly curved, and is said to possess a spirit of a hanged man , this man's quest is for someone to retrieve his brain, which was ripped out of his head, and restore it under the tree, and the person who helps will be rewarded. This place is full of some strange things, but never trust anything there unless you have telepathy. Sometimes it is raining, sometimes it is sunny. but it will usually be dark or misty.


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