The yaarg.


Horrible,strange little monsters, these dominions like to live and nest in borrows or comfy places in cemeteries or sewers and maybe even old homes or buildings, they eat almost any food product so you need to watch yourself next time your in a cemetery. They have scaling capabilities which grant them the ability to scale any wall and blend into a state where they look like statues.

Powers & Abilities:

Enhanced Agilit - Can scale walls.

Enhanced Senses - Can smell,hear,taste, and see better.

Poison Claws - when a yaarg scratches you they infect poison oose.

Specokinesis - Can absorb the sun or weather for foods or energies.

Body Shape Sliming - Is hard to kill due to its body shape it can dodge easy.

Pyrokinesis - Can Generate a fiery breath.

Elemental Connections:



Lightning - yaarg's hate bad weather.

Telekinesis - do not like bio blasts.

Gelidkinesis/Substanciakinesis - do not like to be jellyfied.

A yaarg, also known as a rat pig or a rat/pig mutant are strange pig rat like creatures that live amongst the shadows, statues, and in the darkest of places, these mutant like pests tend to live in mainly nests or borrows in sewers or cemetaries, as a sewer or cemetary is quite compfortable to a yaarg. The equivalent to Solum's Malkai, these pests have taken over The known aetha village, since Raum & Empusa have upped their evil powers. They are extremely deadly and their strange body shape makes it hard to attack the creatures. Their appearance holds some similarities to Vogons from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Powers & Abilities:Edit